We Love Ochsner Health System

we love ochsner health system
Ochsner Health System has more than 19,000 employees across Louisiana using an ElevatePoint intranet.

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We love our customers.

We have fabulous customers around the world in just about every industry. One of our amazing customers is Ochsner Health System, a healthcare organization that has more than 17,000 employees in about 90 locations. Their headquarters are located in Louisiana near New Orleans.

ochsner health system a healthcare companyWhat we love about them

The staff is fun, creative, and knowledgeable. They also really care about patients and health care. Empathy is part of everything they do.

Challenges before ElevatePoint

Before ElevatePoint, Ochsner had some issues around their intranet, including many disparate intranets that needed to be combined, intranets that weren’t mobile-friendly and outdated governance plans. They wanted to give their workforce a better experience, so that whether you were a doctor or medical tech, you’d be able to see the same information as an administrator in the main office. Also, they wanted to bring their brand to life, ensuring their hospitals and clinics saw the same brand they have on their Internet.

What we provided

We helped combine many different intranets, created a road map, developed content strategies and refreshed content, and supported them in change management and develop governance plans. From ElevatePoint they received:

Our recent work with Ochsner was featured on Gloria Lombardi’s Marginalia Future of Work online magazine.

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