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Intranets help with a variety of organizational challenges

Intranets that improve productivity, employee engagement, and communication

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Go mobile

Let your workers be productive anytime, anywhere with an intranet that travels with them. Unleash productivity

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Engage your employees

These days, engagement is down significantly, which impacts how effective your organization is. Increase engagement

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Experience the future of work

Organizations are moving digital to enable employees to get work done everywhere they are. Make your workplace digital

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Consider remote workers

Your remote workforce may be interacting with your customers, providing your services or creating your products. Think about remote workers

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Use SharePoint intranets

The modern workplace is all about people; the tools they use should be easy for people and fit within IT’s strategy, like using SharePoint intranets

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Be social

Social can be included in an intranet, so productivity happens all in one place … without the expense. See a social intranet

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Intranets should know who you are, what you do, where you work, and what you need. ElevatePoint has those modern intranets that are mobile, personalized, user-friendly, and enable collaboration to improve employee engagement and productivity.

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Keep your employees informed on-the-go while understanding your team’s ROI. ElevatePoint News plans, publishes, manages and measures your news. Robust and easy to use, it’s everything you’d
want in a news platform.

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“ElevatePoint has fundamentally changed the way we think about and manage internal communications.  It allows us to plan content and schedule specific publication times, increasing engagement and views, while reducing the time, money, and effort required to keep everyone up to date.”

Caleagh Larson, Michael Best