Take Your Child to Work Day

take your child to work day
So many companies embrace parents taking their children to work. Here's why you should do it.

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I had the wonderful opportunity to bring my 6th-grade daughter to work with me last week for “Bring Your Child to Work Day.” As a part of the leadership team here at ElevatePoint, many of my days are filled with meetings and working sessions with the Sales and Marketing team. Not exactly what I thought would be fun for a 12-year old. I was proven wrong when I read the “report” (included below, un-edited) that she produced at the end of the day. She enthusiastically captures a “day in the life” at ElevatePoint, calling out the cool stuff, the hard work, the decisions made, the sales strategy and messaging sessions.

On the drive home, unprompted, she offered up her opinion from a brainstorming session we had earlier that day. I knew at that moment, with a smile on my face, it was a day well spent.

Enjoy her perspective and seriously consider exposing your kids to what you do every day.

– Scott

It all started by driving to school and I had no idea how much I would end of learning.  I had no idea I would be going to work with my dad until he unexpectedly asked if I wanted to go to work with him. Of course, I said yes.

When we arrived at the office we got straight to work. My dad showed me how he checked who had viewed the website every morning.  It was really cool to see how a lot of businesses and companies I recognized had been on the website. Then, we needed to respond to emails and messages. He had a message from someone who wanted to meet with him. I got to see how he pulled up his calendar and made arrangements to meet up with the person. Also, since my dad just got back from a trip to Philadelphia, we worked on putting together pictures to send to the company he was working with.

Soon after, someone who had been gone came into my dad’s office and he was catching him up on recent projects. I got to see the PowerPoint they presented in Philly and got to learn about the business. While he was talking I got to find out about what my dad works on every day and it was really cool to see what having a job was really like (all the hard work).

I also got to read one of the papers they were working on about ElevatePoint. I didn’t understand most of it but it was still very cool! Then my dad and the lady who wrote the paper met and worked on editing the paper together. I sat there and observed all the collaborating and communication they did while working together.

A little later my dad had another meeting that I unfortunately couldn’t go to. I got to chill out in the office for a while my dad wasn’t there.

We got a lunch break and were back to work again. This is when the fun came. We had another meeting! This one was more fun though, because we were planning a party. They talked about budget, who they were going to invite, the theme, and how they could get the word out. We talked for awhile about all the things the party would include. I liked seeing how they talked together to come up with ideas.

Scott Hild and his daughter, EllieAfter that, they started another meeting talking about a tagline for a new product. First, they talked about for sure how the product was going to be phrased. After talking about that, they started working on the actual tagline. We spent a long time discussing A LOT of different possible ideas. I liked them all and thought they were all very cool. They had to talk about what they were selling and what should be included in the saying. I did not know much about taglines before and didn’t even think about how you would need one to go along with your product. I might think of this now in my own life, such as we are doing a project in school about starting a business and/or a product and I think I will talk to my team about coming up with a catchy phrase. For the rest of the meeting, everyone worked together and shared their ideas to come up with some really good taglines that they might use for their new product. It was fun to see the brainstorming process they went through.

Afterward, we came back to the office and did some final work. My dad finished the follow up email and pictures.

Overall, I loved coming to work. I got to experience what it’s like first hand to work and have a career. I learned so many things and got to meet some great people! This is stuff you can’t learn in school, and very cool to discover.

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