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Social intranets to like, collaborate, ping, and more … without a whole new system

What are social intranets

It’s an intranet where employees can collaborate, engage and communicate quickly and easily. Social intranets are embedded into the fabric of an organization; they’re productivity tools.

Social network intranets enable sharing, collaborating, and productivity

You don’t need a separate and expensive platform to engage employees. Instead, try engaging them where they’re finding information and being productive — on your intranet. We use SharePoint as the foundation and add on from there to make it a user-friendly experience.

ElevatePoint makes mobile friendly intranets

Social News

News can be embedded on every page, with ratings, likes, and comments.

Collaborate everywhere workers are

These days, work happens through 51% individual effort and 49% teamwork. An intranet provided by our team of Microsoft alumni can help increase productivity and even engagement.

kristine colwill talks engagement at elevatepoint

Lack of social engagement is costing businesses

Disengaged employees affect your bottom line. Disengaged employees are estimated to cost the U.S. between$450 billion to $550 billion, according to a Gallup poll.