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SharePoint intranets are the best of both worlds — SharePoint’s CMS and an intranet’s UX

SharePoint intranets

The great things about SharePoint include collaboration, content and document management, workflows, and leveraging Microsoft applications across your ecosphere. Our SharePoint intranet does all that and more, with fantastic UX and a communications engine that will make any CorpComm team happy.

ElevatePoint makes mobile friendly intranets

SharePoint intranet news for workers on-the-go

Also leveraging SharePoint, our intranet news is one of a kind. Plan, publish, manage, and measure news easily while enabling employees to interact and rate information. You’ll even see who’s keeping up with the news and who isn’t.

Microsoft alumni who provide SharePoint intranet services

Our technical team worked at Microsoft, bringing products like SharePoint to life. But we’re not all just geeks, we have expertise in organizational development, change management, and communications with extensive work across industries.

rob colwill ceo

Most organizations have SharePoint

SharePoint over the past 5-6 years has sold over 36 million user licenses.
– Jacob Morgan, Prepare for the Future of Work

Ideas and best practices for SharePoint intranets

elevatepoint provides a host of intranet services

Using Discussion Forums

Using Discussion Forums – Guidelines and Ideas Whether you’re embedding discussion forums into your intranet or using a standalone forum, you may be worried. You’re not alone. Many organizations are…
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intranet scalability

Intranet Costs and ROI

Intranet Costs and ROI When it comes to communication systems — emails, intranets, posters, phone calls, video or web conferencing meetings, face-to-face meetings, social media, and more — there are…
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SharePoint intranet used by an IT director

5 Ways to Improve Intranet Content

Intranet content is why employees go to the intranet. They want the right information at the right time, acting quickly and easily to perform tasks. ElevatePoint has ideas and service to help organizations with their content.

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