SharePoint – an Idea Lifecycle Management Solution

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SharePoint Provides Solid Platform for Idea Lifecycle Management Solution

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The client is a Global Enterprise and Fortune 500 company with centralized business teams and global operational teams. They are an industry leader in the areas of safety, environmental stewardship, positive social impact and profitability.


deskless workers are remote employeesOur client operates mine sites all over the world and strives to create a positive impact in all the communities in which they conduct business. Their Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) department created a training program to ensure mining operations are conducted safely and responsibility in the communities in which they operate. A critical area of the client’s mobile training program is the collection and socialization of ideas submitted by program participants. The Idea Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution was required to capture and promote employee submissions to community members to rate suggestions based on a number of factors.


ElevatePoint worked closely with business unit owners to understand the project and business requirements. Next, ElevatePoint performed a thorough examination of the current Learning Management Systems (LMS) including functionality and integrations. After a series of planning sessions with business and technology owners documenting requirements, to include integrations ElevatePoint engineers created the standalone ILM solution on the organizations scaled SharePoint® platform for capturing ideas.

Custom lists, forums and idea categories were created to enable users to sort and rate each idea based on a number of different factors. Personalized access was also created to provide different views and access levels determined during the security planning sessions. The final step of the process was to complete the data and application integrations to the client’s SAP and multiple internal Learning Management Systems (LMS) using JavaScript. Vigorous testing was required to complete the project due to the browser’s inherent design to prevent cross-domain scripting attacks. This forced ElevatePoint to develop a solution with a composite user interface to enable idea submission and security at the ILM and LMS levels.


With consistent collaboration with our client, ElevatePoint was able to deliver a superior system under budget and on-time. The ILM solution is fully developed, implemented and utilized, and ElevatePoint was rewarded with a follow-up project: a mobile application with integration into the LMS.

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