Complete Guide to News about SharePoint 2016

sharepoint 2016 news
ElevatePoint has SharePoint 2016 information to help organizations determine whether they want to upgrade and how to make the most of their investment.

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Complete Guide to News about SharePoint 2016

A lot of us are keeping an eye out for any and all news into glimpses of what SharePoint 2016 has in store.  Here is a summary of what little news is out on the web right now:


  • The release of SharePoint Server 2016 has been pushed out to Spring 2016. Why?  Read the full article here.
  • Rob LaMear IV for Fpweb thinks you should plan to upgrade to SharePoint 2016 for the “Cloud Power” alone, read his full article here.
  • In the newest episode of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Jeremy Thake talks to Bill Baer about SharePoint Server 2016 and what it means to SharePoint developers.
  • Roger Hauetera, a Microsoft MVP shares what three things he is most looking forward to in Sharepoint 2016 in his recent post.
  • Chirag Shivalker talks about how Microsoft “confirmed through a blog post that SharePoint, both with the server and across office 365, will continue the tradition of a core emphasis on extensibility, management and experiences. The company plans to include all the features that were developed and deployed for the first SharePoint online, in the on premise version, this includes collaboration, content management, social networking, search and business intelligence components etc.” He then lists the new or updated features that Microsoft plans to include into the on-premise SharePoint framework.
  • Julia White in the Office Blog shares about how Sharepoint 2016 will be bringing more custom capabilities as well as making it easy to connect to data in SharePoint through a rich set of Office 365 APIs.
  • Microsoft will share a glimpse of Sharepoint 2016 at Microsoft Ignite this May in Chicago. There will be more than 50 Sharepoint related breakout sessions and events over the 5 day conference.

Have you heard anything else about SharePoint 2016?   Please share in the comments below!

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