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IT is too busy to maintain an intranet; that’s why you need ElevatePoint’s intranet

Easy to maintain, mobile intranets for your tech strategy

Intranets are important to your organization, but they shouldn’t need you and your team’s constant attention. At ElevatePoint, we rely on Microsoft and SharePoint to do the heavy lifting. With Bootstrap on top, our intranets are easier to maintain. That’s more time to do other important work.

Company news that runs by itself

It’s an IT team’s dream come true! Your organization needs a robust news program. We use SharePoint so that your company news is up and running in no time … without the hassle.

Microsoft expertise

Our team includes Microsoft alumni who’ve helped create tools (such as SharePoint). That’s why people trust us with their SharePoint intranet.
“We’ve worked with ElevatePoint for years as our sole technology partner. They’ve consistently delivered exceptional results and truly understand our modern workplace needs.”

Bob Fulcomer, Heartland Institute of Financial Education

IT best practices and ideas

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