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HR needs robust intranets to communicate strategy, benefits, programs, and more

Unleash productivity and employee engagement with an intranet


Yes, really. An intranet.

Engagement worldwide is 15%. That means the vast majority of your workforce isn’t engaged or productive. Connect employees, power their careers, enable collaboration, share kudos and more to turn the tide.

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modern intranets are easy to use

Your workforce should be able to keep up with industry changes and market forces that cause disruption and changes in your organization. With ElevatePoint News, they can.

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Our technical team worked at Microsoft, bringing products like SharePoint to life. But we’re not all just geeks, we have expertise in organizational development, change management, and communications.

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Employee engagement ideas

It’s all inter-related. If you improve engagement, you’ll improve productivity. If you improve productivity, you’ll meet organizational goals.

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elevatepoint provides a host of intranet services

Using Discussion Forums

Using Discussion Forums – Guidelines and Ideas Whether you’re embedding discussion forums into your intranet or using a standalone forum, you may be worried. You’re not alone. Many organizations are…
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intranet scalability

Intranet Costs and ROI

Intranet Costs and ROI When it comes to communication systems — emails, intranets, posters, phone calls, video or web conferencing meetings, face-to-face meetings, social media, and more — there are…
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