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Intranets increase business acumen, improve culture, and deliver on strategy — what execs need

An intranet that makes your strategy come to life

You need a workforce that understands the changing world and your industry, increasing their business and financial acumen. Executives want that so employees can understand and meet goals.

Targeted communications can enable organizational strategy and goals as well as power communications strategy. It’s all about working smarter and engagement.

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Things are happening fast at your organization. Your internal communications team is keeping pace, but is your news?

It can. ElevatePoint News plans, publishes, manages, and measures your news. It’s robust and easy to use, too.

intranets can go mobile
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You may not have enough resources to imagine a new intranet or enhance it for your workforce. Your team may not understand why an intranet can help deliver higher revenue and lower operational costs.

We do. Our team worked at Microsoft, bringing products like SharePoint to life. We have expertise in organizational development, change management, and communications working with executives.

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Matching missions

Don’t you want to work with a company that cares about the same things you do? So do we.

Best practices and ideas for executives and intranets

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