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Communications professionals need the right intranet to power their communication strategy

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Get your communications vehicles working together


It’s all about the right message to the right people at the right time. It’s how you keep employees informed and productive — about your organization, strategy, and industry. That’s why you need your vehicles working together — emails, meetings, flyers, posters, news, intranets, voicemails, and more.

Intranets that keep up

elevatepoint intranets make it easier to share and collaborate

Your communications strategy needs every channel to engage productive employees. Your intranet is part of that system.

Quickly and easily target individual employees with messages across your intranet. View a metrics dashboard to understand communication effectiveness, down to which employees are keeping up.

Good news for your organization

intranet news home page

Employee engagement has a difficult formula for success that includes increased business acumen, new industry information, updates on company goals, and spotlights of employee recognition.

With ElevatePoint News, you can plan, publish, manage, and measure your team’s ROI.

A technology partner you can trust

We help you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. ElevatePoint started with Microsoft alumni and tech gurus and added communications professionals, content strategists, and change managers.

kristine colwill talks engagement at elevatepoint

Communications and IT work together to transform productivity and engagement

Take the burden off IT and let communicators do what they do best, help the organization meet goals to increase revenue and decrease cost.

Customers love that we power communications

“ElevatePoint has fundamentally changed the way we think about and manage internal communications.”

Carleagh Larson, Michael Best

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5 Ways to Improve Intranet Content

Intranet content is why employees go to the intranet. They want the right information at the right time, acting quickly and easily to perform tasks. ElevatePoint has ideas and service to help organizations with their content.

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Need a great speaker at your IABC meeting?

We travel everywhere to educate about modern intranets. Let us help your chapter of IABC.