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Keep remote workers productive with a mobile intranet

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What is a remote worker

Remote workers aren’t just telecommuters. They include traveling employees, salespeople, construction workers, medical professionals, retail employees, lawyers, consultants, workers in your distribution warehouse and making your products, and more.

In other words, your remote workers may be those delivering your products and services.

Communicating and engaging remote workers everywhere they are

More of your workforce is working remote, but are they engaged and productive? Get an intranet devoted to collaboration, communication, and a great user experience for any time, anywhere working.

ElevatePoint makes mobile friendly intranets

Intranet news for remote workers

Don’t just communicate about the headquarters. Use your news to target the employees where they are. Plan, publish, manage, and measure news easily, while enabling employees to interact and rate information. You’ll even see who’s keeping up with the news and who isn’t.

Services to communicate with and engage your workforce

Our technical team worked at Microsoft, bringing products like SharePoint to life. But we’re not all just geeks, we have expertise in organizational development, change management, and communications with extensive work across industries, including those that are remote.

reading intranet news and info on your mobile device
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Harvard Business Review conducted a study and found the majority of remote workers feel shunned and left out

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elevatepoint provides a host of intranet services

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