Mobile Intranets to Unleash Your Workforce

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We're already in the second decade of the 21st century. It's time your workforce got the opportunity to work anytime, anywhere. Mobile intranets. It's all about productivity.

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It’s strange, but even today some organizations don’t have mobile intranets. They’re scrolling and clicking all over their smartphones trying to see the information they need. But just because you can access an intranet on your phone doesn’t mean it’s a mobile intranet.

What is a mobile intranet?

A mobile intranet is an intranet you can view and use easily from any mobile device. Better, it’s mobile friendly and “responsive” – resizing (expanding and contracting magically) so everyone can see the intranet from multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Mobile intranets enable anytime working, anywhere and on any device.

What are the characteristics of a mobile intranet?

The simple answer is: it’s exactly like the intranet you can use on your desktop, but it’s also conducive for mobile use.

  • Brings your brand and culture to life
  • Enables easy search for and find people and things, quickly
  • Encourages employees to collaborate and engage in conversations, such as threaded discussions
  • Powers communications, targeting employees with specific messages
  • Uses menus built for mobile, including those that are personalized
  • Is easy to use, with good user experience (UX) built in
  • Loads fast on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop

Who are mobile intranets created for?


According to FlexJobs, 99% of employees work remotely, including those who work after hours, before the workday begins, and on weekends.

It’s especially helpful for workers without desks, including physicians, nurses, home healthcare personnel, retail employees, stockroom workers, mailroom employees, miners, construction workers, salespeople, police officers, firemen, lawyers, etc.

Why mobile intranets? Productivity and engagement

intranets increase engagementBesides reaching employees without desks, you can increase productivity and engagement.

Employees want to be productive and collaborate anywhere they are, when they want to participate, including on vacation, after hours at restaurants, during weekends, or sitting at coffee shops during work hours to get away and be creative.

It’s not just a modern workplace expectation. Enabling your workers to be productive when they want and where they want increases the likelihood they’ll meet goals – such as increasing revenue, reducing operating costs. It also increases the chance they’ll be happy.

How much do employees want to use their smartphones away from the office? A Pew Research Center survey indicated 40% of employees in 2015 used their smartphones for work. Data suggests employees’ use of mobile devices continues to rise.

Our routines already include productivity on-the-go

Work habits themselves are changing, and we’re relying on mobile, even if our workplaces don’t provide it. People want to stay connected to their teams, keep projects going, and give timely feedback to fellow employees.

Does this routine sound familiar?

  • After you wake up, you check your smartphone to see if you had any messages from work as well as review your calendar for the day.
  • You head into work.
  • You get instant messages (IMs) and emails from fellow employees during meetings on your smartphone, asking about projects. You answer them to keep those projects going.
  • You head home. While your family is getting ready for dinner, you get a quick check in from a fellow employee on your smartphone. She wants feedback before tomorrow, so you give it to her.
  • Before bed time you check your phone to see if you received any new IMs or emails.

If so, you’re not alone.

microsoft delve can automate your intranet80% of people check their phones within the first 15 minutes, according to ConstantContact. In fact, most Millennials use the alarm on their phones to wake up. Only slightly fewer Americans check their smartphones before bedtime. We’re checking our phones all the time, all day long.

Deloitte found that Americans collectively are checking their phones 8 billion times per day.

We want to engage on-the-go

Do you use your smartphone to post thoughts and pictures on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? YouTube? Keeping social and engaged is equally as important to people. You’re messaging friends and family during the day, that includes the friends you have at work.

Research shows people use social media when they’re bored and waiting – waiting in line, sitting in an airport or in an airplane, waiting for an appointment, or waiting for kids in the carpool lane at your child’s school. People also use social media for special events, taking pictures, sharing and tagging fellow attendees.

What if you could do this from your intranet — collaborate and share whenever the mood strikes you? Instead of using Facebook to share ideas with a friend at work, imagine if instead you could use your intranet? That means your intranet is increasing its social value and increasing engagement.

Today’s modern workforce demands flexibility, with tools that travel around with them. Mobile intranets are the answer, enabling workers without desks to get information and collaborate, as well as increase productivity and engagement among all employees. They’re easy-to-use, robust, and yet fit in your pocket or purse.We have an intranet that travels around with you and does everything your desktop intranet does. In fact, we work with modern workplaces to keep their employees productive and engaged, even those without desks.

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