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IT professionals look to IT blogs for information, ideas, and entertainment. Check out our top 9 IT blogs.

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IT (Information Technology) professionals occasionally have some downtime. You want blogs that help you innovate at work as well as inform you of trends in the industry. Hey, you don’t mind when there’s information on how to improve your geek den at home either.

We know. We’re the same way! It’s how we get our geek on.

That’s why we compiled our favorite IT blogs that provide information as diverse as you — with ideas about DevOps and microservices, new gadgets, smart home electronics, what’s happening in artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality versus augmented reality, the beauty of bots, SharePoint and even the latest trailer for the new Avenger movie.

In no particular order, here are some of our favorites:


You’ve probably heard of O’Reilly, at least their conferences and books. But they also have a blog filled with fascinating ideas and what’s cutting edge. Expect to find practical instruction on scaling microservices as well as FinTech trends. Check it out!


dad and son looking at devices; dad is seeing an intranetCoverage of CES? Check. How to deal with Meltdown and Spectre? Check there, too. Why robots will be our overlords? Uh, yup. It has something for everyone — Unix, Apple, Google, and Microsoft fans will all be happy. It’s even entertaining. See Geekwire.

I09 – Gizmodo

Just about everyone knows Gizmodo, but there are a few places in Gizmodo that may be unknown to you, including i09. If you like astronomy, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and pop culture books, television, movies, podcasts, etc. — then this is the place for you. See why the new female, Doctor (Dr. Who) wears what she does. Get insight into why Klingons are in Sweden. (Yeah, you read that right.) Understand the latest details in both the DC and Marvel universes … and why you should care. There are even deals and discounts geared toward IT professionals. (ThinkGeek socks and Microsoft certification, we’re looking at you!) Visit i09.


Wired has been around forever, but it’s still worth a look. Technology, tech companies, cutting-edge ideas, tech culture and pop culture. It’s sleek and lean. And if you’re a Gen Xer and you haven’t been back for a while, it’s worth a look. Check out Wired.


Mashable is another oldie, but goodie. It’s like Wired, with a little more spunk and bite. Expect to see tech, tech companies, pop culture, tech culture with snarky headlines. Visit Mashable.

The Verge

Expect a highly stylized blog with tech information, politics and pop culture. The design is appealing and looks good on your mobile device. The Verge seems to have more security information. That’s okay — security is on just about every company’s radar this year. Go to The Verge.


Expect more about tech unicorns here. (Tech unicorns even get a leaderboard!) In this blog, you’ll see more about companies you may never have heard of as well as technology you may not see in Wired, Mashable or The Verge. See TechCrunch.


intranet home page ideasThis is Microsoft beyond Bill Gates. With the change in direction of the company — more transparency and open source solutions — comes changes to the blog, too. Not only will you learn about SharePoint and what’s happening at Microsoft HQ here, but you’ll also get information about accessible devices and healthcare partners providing diagnose data (thanks to Microsoft info)! Visit Microsoft’s blog.

The Mary Sue

Although this isn’t only for women, it’s geared for women who love geekery. Yes, it has all the same sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and pop-culture that something like i09 has, but this also includes articles on how to crochet your own TARDIS as well as which female heroines should have their own spin-off series. Expect some politics in this blog that empowers women. (Maybe that’s why our tech ladies like this!) Check it out.

Didn’t see your favorite blog?

microsoft delve can automate your intranetOh no! We skipped a few blogs we liked — Den of Geek, recode, engadget and a few others to keep it to nine. If you like this, maybe we’ll cover them next time along with your favorites. We’ve compiled a list to make it easier to understand what you need in an intranet.

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