Social Intranet

Let your employees be social to collaborate on important projects and goals as well as give feedback on strategy and communications.

build an intranet that employees will actually use

Get social

Good work doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but you don’t need a separate (and expensive!) platform to enable them to collaborate. Instead, try engaging them where they’re finding information and being productive — on your intranet. 

Get info & people, fast

Safety protocols, rules and regulations, policies, guidelines, processes, and even people can be found quickly.

Collaborate & Engage

Break down silos. Get two-way conversation going. Even enable groups to use and connect Microsoft Teams.

Save money

Why get a whole new social media system? Instead, add discussion forums, RSS feeds, social media feeds, ratings, likes, and comments into your intranet.

Connect remote workers

Employees in the field or working remote, may feel out of touch. Let them get info and culture online.


Automate processes and continue constant improvement to cut long-term costs. Share ideas and vote on them.

Get & Manage feedback

See what employees are thinking by moderating internal social. It's powerful listening online to address issues, answer questions, and change communication tactics.

Social intranet resources