SharePoint Intranet

Organizations rely on Microsoft as part of their technology stack. SharePoint is an essential tool in the Microsoft ecosystem. Our intranet runs on SharePoint, both modern and classic. 

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SharePoint modern + classic

SharePoint does a lot. It’s a connector to all your Microsoft tools, content management systems (CMS), and document management systems (with full versioning control), and more. But SharePoint is tricky to use and isn’t going to win any beauty pageants.  Intranets though are easy-to-use, match your brand, and can be quick to update. Plus, our intranet works in the new modern experience and in classic SharePoint.

Powerful & Pretty

Manage content and documents with full version control. Use Microsoft security. Use modern or classic layouts. Leverage Active Directory. We have proven UX.


Get the intranet that has UX baked in. With more than 70,000+ users, we know usability.


Use mobile devices for instant information to busy employees, including helping them respond to urgent requests. Our intranet can travel with employees.

Maximize microsoft licenses

You spent a lot of money for your Microsoft platform. Get an intranet that sits on top of SharePoint, leveraging existing licenses.

All the bells and whistles

Stay within your zone (SharePoint Modern or SharePoint Classic) and price range without sacrificing quality. We’re the SharePoint solution that makes users and your internal communications team fall in love with SharePoint … just as solution experts already have. 

With an ElevatePoint SharePoint intranet, it’s possible, either on modern or classic, to make it easier for you to maintain and control while empowering content authors.

intranet ux design and brand samples
  • Go mobile with fully responsive pages

  • Pick your theme and design, reflect your brand

  • Empower authors with 250+ drag-n-drop content blocks

  • Give personalized, relevant info

  • Power robust communications

  • Measure ROI

  • Unify with 1 calendar

  • Innovate and collaborate

  • Recognize and give kudos

  • Manage content and documents, real time

SharePoint resources

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