Remote Working

Let workers be productive and engage wherever they are to accomplish organizational goals.

remote worker

Flexible working, flexible solutions

Salespeople. Construction workers. Retail workers. Manufacturing and warehouse personnel. Government employees in the field. Medical professionals. Scientists. Lawyers. Consultants. Workers who are parents or who have parents. Workers who need to go to appointments. All of these people need flexibility, including information sent to them about what’s important.

People & info, fast

Safety protocols, rules and regulations, policies, guidelines, processes, and even people can be found quickly.

Collaborate & Engage

Break down silos and get two-way conversation going to increase employee engagement. No matter where employees are, they'll feel connected.

Power communications

Power robust communication strategies and tactics, reaching people where they are ... especially if they don't have a desk.

Anytime, anywhere

Use mobile devices for instant information to busy employees, including helping them respond to urgent requests.

Target Everywhere

Send specific people specific information to ensure they get what they need to be safe and successful. Enable them to enter specific links they need to be productive.

Integrate Apps

Enter billable hours easily. Get access to safety protocols. Get Epic or other EHR info. Look up product pricing and discounts. Check inventory. Manage customer relationships.

Challenges for communications and remote working

At ElevatePoint, we know remote working can be challenging. That’s why we’re providing resources that makes working remotely as well as communicating to your remote workforce easier.

Remote working resources

rachel sprague - director of operations including HR talking about team engagement
Employee Engagement

Team Engagement Ideas

Team employee engagement ideas can be hard to come by. Rachel Sprague, Director of Operations at ElevatePoint has ideas to improve engagement, communication and productivity at your workplace.

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change management using intranets and thanks
Employee Engagement

Company Intranet Ideas – Say Thanks

Saying thanks takes so little effort. Saying thanks on your intranet can take just as little effort and it institutionalizes appreciation and caring at your workplace. ElevatePoint has company intranet ideas that are easy to do and improve engagement.

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building an intranet
Digital Workplace

4 Ways to Engage Remote Workers

Remote workers are those who aren’t connected to their computers and aren’t just those working at their homes — construction workers, salespeople, inventory control, manufacturing, mining and more need information. Let them go mobile.

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