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Intranets, intranet news, chatbots, AI, and Microsoft Teams solve challenges plaguing organizations

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Organizations have serious challenges in meeting goals. They need an engaged and productive workforce that understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. And they need this information no matter whether they work at the corporate office, at home, in a smaller field office, or literally in the field. 

Intranets, intranet news, chatbots, AI, and Microsoft Teams can work together to ensure everyone is in the know 

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employee engagement


The labor market is too good to ignore employee engagement. Use technology to improve morale ... and profits.

mobile phone using an intranet

Productivity & Mobility

More employees are using smartphones and tablets in their personal lives. Why not enable them to use any device for work?

social intranets


Employees need to work together to meet organizational goals. A social intranet enables them to work together.

targeted communications helps employees including working remote

Remote Workers

Intranets travel with your workforce, getting them info and insight to increase safety, quality, service, productivity, and engagement. They also provide targeted information based on role and location.

mange documents better with SharePoint while extending microsoft

Extend Microsoft SharePoint

So many organizations have Microsoft licenses. Save money and extend licensing using a SharePoint intranet. SharePoint enables great document management while intranets provide a user-friendly UX.

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