Retail Solutions

Retail intranets and digital workplace solutions keep up with your employees (temporary or permanent), your inventory, and customers.

maximize your intranet

Technology for remote workers

It’s a tough market. You have stores and pop-up shops as well as e-commerce all working together. Your entire organization has to be focused on your company’s goals, from those on the front-lines to those in the corporate office. Modern intranets are personalized so your employees and contractors, regardless of seasonality, get what and who they need, when they need it on any device. That’s better customer service.

right info, fast

Product info, policies, guidelines, processes, and even people can be found quickly.


Break down silos and get two-way conversation going to increase employee engagement.

Power communications

Power robust communication strategies and tactics, including targeting employees with relevant information.

Go mobile

Use smartphones and tablets for instant information to busy employees.


Automate processes and continue constant improvement to cut long-term costs.

Manage content

Ensure content is managed, including product info, faster and easier.

Retail resources