Nonprofit & Government Intranet

Nonprofits and government agencies need more efficiency while engaging employees. ElevatePoint can help, including helping nonprofits and government save long-term costs.

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Efficiency is your friend

Your intranet is antiquated, unable to handle modern needs — getting meaning search results or messaging specific employees, using any device. ElevatePoint intranets are modern. They’re personalized to know who people are, what they need, and where they work. 

Find info, quick

Get information about people, policies, procedures, and more fast and on-the-go.

Collaborate and Engage

Let employees collaborate and communicate to be more productive. It increases engagement, too.

Power communications

Target relevant information to the right people. It's all about the right information at the right time.

Innovate Together

Enable staff to share ideas, vote, and more. When your employees innovate together, they achieve excellence.

Nonprofit and government resources

Nonprofit and government clients

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