Legal and Law Firm Intranets

Legal personnel and law firms need intranets and digital workplace solutions to improve communication, add billable hours, win more cases, and better serve clients. 

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Why international law firms use our intranets

Fast info, delivered

Lawyers can’t wait around for information to just show up. You have deadlines and court dates. You need people, legal briefs, and more. Get an intranet that provides instant information.

Manage Documents

It’s no hyperbole to say: legal firms have a lot of legal documents to maintain. Keeping track of versions and updates is critical. That’s why we make that easy, including adding search for version control.

mobile = billable hours

Your firm is meeting with clients all day long. They’re on-the-go. That’s why they need an intranet that’s mobile. Look up info from mobile devices while in court or enter hours. It's possible.

Collaborate & Engage

Get paralegals and lawyers to discuss documents, cases, and approaches online. Increase communication as everyone is more productive.

Legal resources

michael best - law firm is using our intranet news and intranet platform
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Frequently asked questions

Plenty! Enter billable hours. Look up documents on your mobile device while in court. Collaborate on cases and give insight into already established precedent. 

It depends. Some intranet projects are fast and easy — taking less than 9 weeks. If services are needed, such as content, it could take longer. Intranet news is another option; it’s lighter weight than an intranet, costs less, and still provides your workforce information.

We list out exactly what you can expect on pricing.  See our pricing page for details.

“ElevatePoint has fundamentally changed the way we think about and manage internal communications.”
michael best - law firm is using our intranet news and intranet platform
Carleagh Lawson
Michael Best
Denton's a worldwide law firm that uses our intranet news to communicate with lawyers
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