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Bring administrative staff, faculty, tenured professors, teacher assistants, and student volunteers together using an intranet that provides key information, metrics, and news.

internal communications - crisis communications

Send your intranet back to school

You’re learning institution is known for excellence, but are your communication tools? Use a SharePoint intranet that leverages Microsoft technology to deliver personalized communications, faster searches, and better navigation. 

Find info, quick

Get information about people, policies, procedures, schedules, and itineraries fast and on-the-go. It's search at light speed for better education.


Let your staff, professors, TAs, student teachers, and faculty collaborate and communicate. It increases engagement, too.

Power communications

Target relevant information to the right people. Get tenured professors key benefits. Ensure faculty understand safety procedures. 

Innovate Together

Enable your staff to share ideas, vote, and more. When your employees innovate together, they meet education requirements to achieve excellence.

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heartland institute of financial education uses elevatepoint
asu uses ElevatePoint intranet platform