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Intranet solutions for every industry, job role, and organizational challenge

We provide solutions for every industry around the world

See how we’re serving your industries. We cover everything and more: energy, healthcare, government, nonprofit, financial services, and education.

Intranet solutions for IT, Communications, HR, and Executives

Sometimes intranets are managed by IT. Sometimes Corporate Communications takes care of them. Sometimes HR is responsible for an intranet. No matter who’s responsible, IT, Communications, HR and executives — in particular — have to work together to ensure it meets technology, communication, and people needs. It’s enough to make every organizational leader, including an executive, happy.

Intranets to solve your organization’s challenges

Whether you’re interested in mobile intranets for your dispersed workforce, a way to enable your employees to be more engaged, something that leverages SharePoint or a social intranet, we have information available.