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Every industry has unique challenges and goals. That’s why employees all over the world use our resources as well as intranets, intranet services, intranet news, and connecting products. The end result? More productivity, safer employees and customers, higher quality, and better customer service. 

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Improve patient care and safety (as well as staff safety!) while reducing costs. We provide solutions that resolve your unique goals.

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Discover why so many international law firms use ElevatePoint to inform and engage employees with intranets and intranet news.

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Learning institutions work with a variety of people (tenured professors, faculty, unions). We have experience resolving those challenges.

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Nonprofits & Government

You're striving for productivity and efficiency. ElevatePoint helps you resolve those challenges while saving money and time.

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Financial Services

Get information to employees at the home office or in the field. We make it easy to share the right information at the right time.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Ensure worker safety while meeting productivity goals. With an intranet that goes mobile, your organization can do both easily.

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Construction & Energy

Get information and safety procedures to employees no matter where they are. If there's WiFi, there's a way to keep them moving toward your organizational goals.

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Retail stores are closing and shrinking while striving to evolve, including in tech. Empower your front-line workers while keeping information flowing at the home office.

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3 Keys to Retail Survival

Let’s face facts: retail is hurting in general. Macy’s, Sears, Gap, and other well-known brands are suffering. Learn how to survive.

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