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Intranet services — assess, plan, design, build, govern, and measure for a new intranet

At ElevatePoint, what sets us apart is our tailor-made intranet services, not just a great intranet

Every organization is unique. That’s why we travel all over the world to ensure your intranet is successful. Our intranet services grow your solution and business. Mix and match them as you need. Because we’ll need to scope the project first, contact us for what you need.

Intranet assessment, roadmap, and strategy

From the Fortune 100 to regional healthcare systems, ElevatePoint is the partner of choice to guide organizations through the first steps of their intranet initiative.

See what’s possible and align your unique goals and needs to a modern intranet.

  • Current state analysis
  • Envisioning workshops to imagine a new intranet
  • Technology workshops
  • Cloud strategy
  • Platform recommendation
  • Intranet assessment and roadmap
statistics that reinforce why you need a new intranet

Intranet design, UX, and usability

ElevatePoint’s intranet design philosophy is to create personalized experiences, not just tools. We know the best ideas never happen in a vacuum; the best designs are the result of co-creation. ​

  • User research​
  • Focus group workshops​
  • Persona analysis​
  • Wireframes and interactive design comps​
  • Usability best practices​

Intranet content and style guides

We have more than 20 years of experience developing styles, writing content, editing content, and leading reviews.

  • Current state content audits
  • Expert gap analysis
  • Content migration plan
  • Migrate content and oversight
  • Style guide development
  • Content writing, editing, and review

Change management and intranet governance

Intranet success is determined by adoption and engagement. We’ve trained globally-dispersed companies and managed change in healthcare systems with 30,000+ employees. We’ll help you get the most out of your investment.

  • Manage content
  • Support launch
  • Train resources so your team is ready to go
  • Provide transition oversight

Custom intranet and SharePoint services

]We’ve built SharePoint intranets for years. Let’s discover what’s unique about your organization and develop a solution tailored to meet your needs.

  • Custom solutions for departments
  • Business process automation
  • Forms and workflows
  • Data visualization, such as adding insights to your analytics dashboards
  • System integrations, including HRIS

Envision a new intranet

We lead sessions with Communications, IT, HR, and executives to develop an intranet strategy that works for your organization.