sharepoint intranets are secure
These days, security is getting more budget and for good reason. Cybercrime is up and the cost to organizations is a huge risk. That's why ElevatePoint recommends communications professionals invite security to business requirements gathering and demos.

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Recently, ElevatePoint had an intranet demo with a communicator who invited some of her colleagues to join her. Those colleagues were a cross-section of employees, including communications and IT.

What surprised and delighted us was that she invited IT security personnel.

We don’t often see that but thought it was a great idea. Here’s why.

Security is a problem globally

Ready for some startling statistics? Cybercrime cost as much as 608 billion globally. U.S. security breaches, according to Forbes, cost 7.91 million dollars. Companies who suffer a breach pay, on average, nearly 4 million.

Just this last year there have been several high profile security breaches. So many they all don’t make the news. Here are a few you may know, and some surprises:

sharepoint intranets are secureBecause security is such an issue, organizations are spending time and resources, including money, to beef up their cybersecurity to protect employees, customers, partners, and more.

IT is continuing to increase security budgets

If you believe organizational budget wars are being won by IT personnel as they expand teams, you’re probably right.

ZDNet talked with Daniel Kennedy, a research director at 451 Research, and he found that most organizations — 80% — are planning to increase security for 2019. Already, IT has seen a trend of adding security to officer titles and hiring to expand teams.

It’s not a matter of whether security is an issue at your organization. It’s how do you work with security to ally yourself with them, getting their input and priorities on your projects.

An intranet makes your organization more secure

Here’s the good news — a great intranet makes your organization more secure. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in — financial services, healthcare, retail, technology, nonprofits, professional services — your organization is protecting data.

An intranet is part of that system of either protecting data or leaving it vulnerable to fraud. It also ensures your biggest risk — employees — are following procedures and know what to do.

In fact, an intranet makes your organization more secure in the following ways:

  • Houses learning management systems that track security and security training videos
  • Provides clear policies and procedures on security
  • Offers cybersecurity news to remind employees to complete training and highlights issues and goals
  • Measures which employees are viewing that news, and which aren’t
  • Gives a platform for leaders to discuss why security matters
  • Engages employees, providing them a place to ask questions, across pages, about security
  • Adds a manager portal, enabling leaders to ask questions and get recommendations about security
  • Let’s employees submit ideas about how to make the organization more secure
  • Recognizes employees for following correct protocols
  • Provides appropriate employee access
  • Has an AI-driven chatbot that gives on-the-spot answers about security, including how to reset passwords
  • Is mobile, to take security protocols and information on-the-go, where employees are
  • Enables relevant information to be provided to specific locations and teams – noting where their issues are

Invite security

If you’re like many teams right now, you’re thinking about intranets — deciding whether your budget can handle it and determining the features you need. That means it’s the perfect time to invite your security teams.

They’ll ask questions that give them more confidence about the solutions you’re reviewing. As they receive those demos, they’ll know whether the intranet it matches their security architecture.

intranet resourcesBecause they’re involved, they won’t hold up the process at the end, making it faster to get an intranet your team loves.

They may even provide or contribute to the budget for a solution that meets their needs, so you get better communications, engagement, and productivity while making the organization more secure.

That’s a win-win.Using Microsoft’s security architecture, ElevatePoint has a SharePoint-based intranet that is mobile, integrates with Microsoft Teams, and makes it easy for communications to reach employees.

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