Information Technology

Architects, data solutions leads, system engineers, and SharePoint administrators are too busy to maintain an intranet. That’s why you need ElevatePoint’s intranet. It maximizes your Microsoft tech stack and unleashes employees, even those outside of IT, to be productive.

it employee who's programming

Turn your attention to other tech matters

Intranets are important to your organization, but they shouldn’t need you and your team’s constant attention. At ElevatePoint, we rely on Microsoft and SharePoint to do the heavy lifting. With Bootstrap on top, our intranets are easier to maintain. That’s more time to do other important work.

Get info, fast

A repository provides the latest procedures, processes, and policies. Locate the right people and data quickly.


Break down silos and get conversations going. Enable employees to work together, real time. Let employees get social.


Let your content creators create and update pages without holding their hand. It enables you to get back to why you're in IT.

Go mobile

Enable employees to work anywhere, anytime and be productive with a mobile-friendly intranet.


Automate processes and continue constant improvement to reduce waste. Get employees to share (and vote) on ideas.

Measure ROI

Get data and stats to know what's working ... and what isn't. Better yet, enable content authors to get that data without you being involved.

Maximize Microsoft 

Use Microsoft to do more.  We tech you can control easily that sits on top of SharePoint. Plus, our team includes people who brought Microsoft products to life, such as SharePoint. We make ElevatePoint products a smart investment.

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