Human Resources (HR)

HR needs robust intranets and digital workplace solutions to communicate organizational strategy, initiatives, and employee benefits. They can also use technology to better engage employees.

communications and intranets

Unleash productivity and employee engagement

Engagement worldwide is 15%. That means the vast majority of your workforce isn’t engaged or productive. Worse, 51% of them are looking at other organizations … which would impact turnover and hiring costs. Connect employees, power their careers, enable collaboration, share kudos and more to turn the tide.

Get people & info, fast

A repository provides the latest procedures, processes, and policies. Locate the right people and data quickly.

Collaborate & Engage

Break down silos and get two-way conversation going to increase employee engagement.

Be productive & mobile

Let people work anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It's instant info to busy workers no matter where they are.

Innovate & Be Lean

Automate processes and continue constant improvement to reduce waste, improve quality and service, and ensure safety.

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