Intranet Roles

Our intranet meets your goals no matter if you're in a communications role, serve in IT, report into HR, or are an executive

It takes a village to buy an intranet 

When you’re spending money on a solution, you want to work with people across the organization to ensure it meets everyone’s needs. As well you should! ElevatePoint makes everyone happy.

takes a village to buy an intranet
employee engagement

Internal Communications

Getting through the noise is hard. You need a tool that powers communication, enhancing your strategy. That's where we come in! We work with internal communications professionals around the world to improve communication.

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If you're in IT, you're busy. Let us enable you to focus on what matters while still maintaining control. Best of all, with more than 40 years of combined experience, we can resolve your Microsoft and system issues.

targeted communications helps employees including working remote

Human Resources (HR)

HR employees want to meet organizational goals, while empowering employees to be more productive. They also want to increase engagement. We can help.

mange documents better with SharePoint while extending microsoft


Your strategy shouldn't be left to chance. Engage Internal Communications, IT, and HR to provide an intranet that delivers on strategy, engages, and empowers your workers.

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