3 Questions to Determine If Your Intranet Is Ready for Summer

get your intranet ready for summer
Maybe your intranet will never be ready for a summer bikini, but you can prepare it for the time when more employees will be on vacation, more hurricanes and fires hit, and when people want to work away from the office.

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During the summer, everyone visits the pool, camps, reads, swims in the ocean and more. It’s a time to relax. It’s also a time to go on vacation with your family – whether you have kids or not. It could be three-day excursions or longer vacations. You have communications people to cover you while you’re gone. Emails are set to happen automatically. Everything in your communications arsenal is complete.

Summertime is also a time of violent weather, where you need all your communications tools to ensure the safety and security of your employees … and your business. Your disaster and business continuity plans are established and complete.

Is your intranet ready for vacations or severe weather?

1. Can you publish without being there?


communications ideasYou have stories planned because you know the news ahead of time – these stories have been in the works for a while. Approved and ready to go, you shouldn’t need to babysit these stories for them to be published. And you shouldn’t need to get other co-workers to post them for you.

Modern intranets have the option of publishing news ahead of time. Plan, publish, manage and measure better. And yes, you can set your articles, so they’re posted when they’re supposed to be seen – without you being there, without help from co-workers and even ahead of time.

2. Can people go mobile?

Do you have the option of checking the news on your smartphone so you can work anytime, anywhere for those stories that you need to know about while you’re out? How about your co-workers?

Summertime still has mergers, acquisitions, new products and services and organizational changes that require you to either weigh in on or at least know about. Some of them are even changes you didn’t expect. You and other employees need to know what’s happening and when – on the road or wherever.

Modern intranets travel with you – enabling you and other employees to check in from anywhere, anytime on any device to get updates. It keeps people in touch with the office without them physically having to be there.

3. Does your intranet help with disaster and business continuity planning?

Summertime isn’t only for vacations, sadly. June through October is when the Eastern and Gulf states typically run the risk of hurricanes. The Midwest has big storms, including hail producing ones. Arizona has haboobs.

In other words, summertime is an active time not just for people, but for the weather, too. You’ll need to warn employees or give specific notifications to them – not your entire company. You’ll also want to continue – without risk of safety – your business. In fact, without disaster and business continuity planning, your business could run the risk of failing completely.

human resources intranetsModern intranets are personalized. They enable you to target specific employees with notifications – when the office will be shut down, emergency procedures to use and more – to keep them safe while business everywhere else continues.

Modern intranets also run in the cloud to continue your business should terrible things happen – like a hurricane destroying your office. Because it’s in the cloud, your intranet and its data are maintained, so employees can receive information after weather events – temporary offices to return to or new procedures on working from home.

Businesses can’t stop because employees go on vacation, and neither can your communications team. You need powerful tools at your disposal to ensure you can publish news whenever you need to. You need a mobile intranet you and other employees can access anytime, anywhere to keep up with the latest events – even while you’re out. And you need tools that protect your employees and your business, sending people targeted messages with an intranet that’s always working and always available.We have an intranet with personalization, that’s mobile-optimized and has a robust news platform that allows you to publish ahead of time. It’s better than in a box, it’s customizable, too.

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