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ElevatePoint makes intranet platforms that increase employee engagement and productivity

Why ElevatePoint intranet platforms?

Simple. Scalable. Flexible.  Our mobile intranet with AI empowers teams to focus on mission-critical items, and makes your workforce happier, more engaged and more productive.

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What’s included in our intranet platform

Feature-rich. Easy. Flexible. Modern.

Our intranet powers communications while giving IT control. It’s mobile-friendly, going where employees go.
Available in the cloud and on-premises: SharePoint Online and Office 365, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. It even includes SharePoint modern.

color_lensDesign and brand
settingsSmart communications with AI
feedbackCommunication hub
createFast and easy creation and maintenance
shareCollaborate and social media
exploreSearch and navigate, simple
bar_chartMeasure ROI
publishPre-populated content
Design and brand

Use your color palette, logo, and more to reinforce your brand and culture. We make mobile-friendly, beautiful pages. We even have multiple options, including:

  • Multiple themes, easy to select
  • Multiple homepage layouts
  • Multiple internal page layouts
  • Social networking can be embedded on every page
  • Customize more as necessary
Smart communications with AI

Go beyond with an intranet driven by AI. Send communications to more than one channel. Let people get information anywhere they are, physically and digitally.

  • Get a chatbot to assist you on your mobile intranet, answering routine questions such as about benefits
  • Use a chatbot to assist you in Microsoft Teams, answering questions on your intranet
  • Integrate your intranet with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites
Communication hub

We include news, but we think beyond news, just like you. Our intranet platform powers your communications strategy.

  • Target messages and alerts to specific audiences across your intranet
  • Plan communications using an editorial calendar
  • Manage tasks
  • Handle workflows to approve content from other authors easier
  • Send alerts for urgent messages
  • Create content and news articles quickly with drag-and-drop content blocks
  • Measure communications effectiveness
  • Prove ROI for your team
Fast and easy creation and maintenance

intranet content builderCreating and maintaining pages is simple. No HTML. If you know how to drag and drop, you’re set.

  • Choose from 200+ designs and layout options or create your own
  • Easily create or edit a page
  • Quickly implement key areas of your intranet with templates, including benefits, brand, calendars, people, culture, and strategy
  • Use a library of webparts, tools, and management centers
  • Options to have pre-populated content for major sections of your intranet

Good ideas come from everywhere and everyone in your organization. Now you have an outlet to capture those ideas and vote on them.

It’s an online suggestion box on steroids. Enables employees to

  • Submit ideas
  • Vote on them to determine popularity
  • Moderate as necessary

ElevatePoint makes it easy to personalize your intranet for relevant contentA smart intranet that knows your organization as well as you do. It’s all about relevant information.

  • Bring your brand and culture to life
  • Tailor menus, resources, and news based on workers’ roles, teams, projects, locations, and job responsibilities
  • Enable employees to add news, tools, links, and resources
Collaborate and social media

ElevatePoint intranet enables you to embed social media on every pageInstead of adding yet another system, embed social across your intranet. Our intranet platform leverages SharePoint and Office 365 and adds from there. In fact, social can be embedded on every page.

  • Give kudos and recognize employees
  • Share and work together, real-time, managing documents and content
  • Empower two-way conversations on every page
  • Enable employees to share, like, and rate content
Search and navigate, simple

intranet search and navigationLet employees find who and what they need quickly and easily. Great UX that’s simple and scannable.

  • Find the right people and information fast and easily
  • Tailor navigation to each individual
  • Organize information based on proven usability results
  • Use a targeted search bar for high-traffic pages, giving more meaningful search results
  • Go mobile with completely responsive search result pages
  • Add search refiners for more complex searches, such as many versions
  • Choose from four navigation options and customize as you need
Measure ROI

reporting intranet newsUse our dashboards and detailed charts to analyze adoption and engagement. Prove ROI.

  • Measure page views, unique visits, time on page and bounce rate
  • See who’s engaging with your content, including reading comments
  • Get insight into popular authors, pages, and content to rank communication and author effectiveness
  • Easily combine ElevatePoint metrics with third-party tools, such as Google Analytics and Azure insights

ElevatePoint makes mobile friendly intranetsEnable productivity for your workforce.

  • Enable employees to use just about any device to work anytime, anywhere.
  • Use just about any device: laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Use just about any operating system: Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Android
Pre-populated content

ElevatePoint intranets have pre-populated content such as calendars and event sitesElevatePoint gets your intranet up and running faster.

  • Calendars with RSVP
  • Event sites
  • Recognition areas to honor employees
  • Pre-built sections, such as benefits, waiting for your specific content

See list of intranet features

Want more details about our intranet platform? Need to show others? No problem. We can go into more detail and set up a demo.


Our intranet pricing is transparent and based on users. Discover which one is right for you.


1 – 500 users

$800  / month
starting $4,000 one-time fee



501 – 1,000 users

$1,800 / month
starting $6,000 one-time fee



1,000+ users

starting $2,500  / month
starting $8,000 one-time free


Monthly licensing

  • Core platform features and capabilities
  • Ongoing support
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Platform improvements

One-time fee, depends on environment

  • Installation and configuration
  • Do-it-yourself planning worksheets
  • Intranet with basic branding (logos and colors only) in SharePoint environment
  • Basic menus based on worksheets

Our customers rave about our intranets

“ElevatePoint has fundamentally changed the way we think about and manage internal communications.”

Caleagh Larson, Michael Best

What’s the difference between SharePoint and our intranet

SharePoint is the engine that supports our intranet. So, our intranet does everything that SharePoint does … and then some.

  • Great design and UX
  • Collaboration and social beyond Yammer
  • Automation, such as recognition
  • Better search
  • More analytics
  • Intranet sections of pre-built content
  • Same information management
  • Added personalization
  • AI for chatbots and to connect to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites

More than 50,000 users use our intranets

Read a case study for how our intranets improve employee engagement and productivity. They even saved time and money!