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Go beyond the inbox with mobile-friendly intranet news that informs and engages. Empower content creators to plan, publish, manage, and measure. Yeah, our industry-leading software is good news.

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Communication strategy: realized

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Your communications strategy deserves more than just emails bombarding employees. Give your workforce the relevant information they need in a beautiful format. Best of all, it’s customized just for them.

Beautiful text, images, and video

Get 250+ flexible, elegant, and lovely layouts. Enjoy glamorous text for headlines. We have tech-savvy sliders and news feeds, ways to embed videos and images, and more to make your company news stand out … even on mobile devices.

Your articles can be informative, engaging, and  yeah … gorgeous.

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targeted communications helps employees including working remote

Targeted, relevant news

Information overload is a reality for most employees. Cut through the noise by enabling employees to choose which news matters to them. Select what info employees should notice, too.

It’s the right information aimed at the right people at the right time. Every time!

Two-way communications

Our chatbot and AI integrations can be added into other places. Depending on the capabilities of your other systems, we can integrate into HR systems (HRIS), EMR systems, ERP systems, and more. Hero is built on the Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework; it’s an extensive API to integrate where you need intelligence.

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Mobile friendly

Employees want to use their mobile devices to be more productive.  Our news layouts and content builder are all mobile-friendly, accessed on smartphones and tablets.  It’s good news delivered to their smartphones.

Keep and search archives

Keep news flowing. With ElevatePoint News, quickly browse and search to find old articles to use as a template for this year’s event, financial updates, and more. 

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Empower content creators

plan, publish, manage, and measure news


Meet, plan your news  and schedule it … just like other communication vehicles, adding dates directly into your Outlook calendar.

  • Use an editorial calendar that integrates with Outlook
  • Streamline workflows, task assignments, and approvals
  • Give your team a dashboard to manage their work
  • Use a collaborative wiki to share best practices

Create easily

With more than 250+ templates and layouts that include text, images, and videos, publishing and managing news is a breeze. No HTML required.

  • Add images, video, or anything you need
  • Categorize news with a customized taxonomy
  • Target employees by department, regions, and locations
  • Schedule news to publish and archive

Approval workflow

Streamline workflows, adding people to create and review content. It’s effortless to manage news.

  • Manage and streamline reviews and approvals
  • Add content authors
  • Add SMEs and other people to approve news
  • Keep news flowing, targeting your audience 

Publish, promote and measure

 Add your news every place it needs to be. Measure success. Keep tabs on social activity and moderate it.

  • Publish whenever you’re ready
  • Measure content author success
  • See likes and comments
  • Moderate comments 
  • Better understand communication impact
  • Adjust strategies and tactics based on qualitative and quantitative metrics

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