ElevatePoint Connect

ElevatePoint integrates Microsoft Teams, AI, and chatbots to connect various systems — intranets, SharePoint, Office 365, and more —  streamlining your technology strategy, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.

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Connected: AI | Chatbot | Integration

Imagine an intranet that’s connected to more of your systems — Microsoft Teams, collaboration tools, etc. — to answer questions faster and easier. That’s smart.

Get a chatbot powered by AI to answer routine questions, such as help with benefits or reset passwords. Use Microsoft Teams connected to your intranet to push information wherever and whenever it’s needed. It’s all about connecting people to information.

Chatbots increase productivity

Use our chatbot, Hero, to get instant and relevant information. It’s a low-cost entry into AI with huge potential. Get routine questions answered anywhere, anytime in the blink of an eye. HR can save money on their hotline while getting colleagues quicker answers as they shift from administrative tasks to strategy. IT can focus on organizational priorities instead of answering Help Desk questions … including about passwords, distribution lists, and onboarding new employees.

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Integrate collaboration

Goodbye Slack! Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing collaboration software. Interact with your intranet using our smart news and chatbot in Microsoft Teams. Your teams can ask news and other queries from Teams and get answers there, too.

AI + Microsoft Cognitive Services

Our chatbot and AI integrations can be added into other places. Depending on the capabilities of your other systems, we can integrate into HR systems (HRIS), EMR systems, ERP systems, and more. Hero is built on the Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework; it’s an extensive API to integrate where you need intelligence.

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Get smart: maximize Microsoft

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ElevatePoint Connect integrates SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services platform.

  • Reduce costs by using existing licensing
  • Integrate communications into Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
  • Leverage Microsoft Cognitive Service for AI chatbots and more

Increase productivity

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