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Retail intranets to keep up with products while keeping up customer service

Intranets to get your remote workers what they need, when they need it

It’s a tough market out there. You have stores and pop-up shops as well as e-commerce all working together. Your entire organization has to be focused on your company’s goals, from those on the front-lines to those in the corporate office.

Modern intranets are personalized so your employees and contractors, regardless of seasonality, get what and who they need, when they need it. ElevatePoint makes intranets that travel with you — on your smartphone, tablets, laptop, and desktop.

On-the-go news to keep staff informed

When you’re selling to consumers, it’s a fast-paced world where there are constant changes. Your communications team needs an intranet news product that can keep up. With ElevatePoint News, you can plan, publish, manage, and measure that news, including knowing who’s reading as well as get feedback. It’s ROI for your team.

Partners that understand the digital workplace

Seasonal workers that flex with consumer demand. New competition surfacing. Century-old brand names vanishing.

The world of retail has changed dramatically over the past five years. You need a partner who understands retail’s future as well as how to automate and improve communication.

kristine colwill talks engagement at elevatepoint

Retail predictions in 2018

According to Forbes, “2017 was the year of digital discovery; 2018 will be the year of technology and more integration of it into mainstream retail.”
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intranet trends for 2019

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elevatepoint provides a host of intranet services

Using Discussion Forums

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