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Versatile intranets for your on-the-go workforce

Flexible and mobile intranets that morph with your business

Lawyers, consultants, architects, and accountants — they all have one thing in common: change. Because your business depends on so many factors, you need an intranet that can keep pace to inform and engage your workforce. We deliver an intranet platform we call the best of both worlds — as customized as you need as accelerated and in a box as you want it.

Intranet news for a staff on the move

Your workforce is on-the-go. Get an intranet news that’s on the go with you. Plan, publish, manage, and measure how effective communications are. Prove ROI as well as see who’s reading and engaging.

Partners that know your staff is billing by productive hours

We know your business is unique. Let us sit down with you to discuss how to improve your intranet or add customizations for automation so you’re getting the most from your intranet … and recouping the cost.

“ElevatePoint has fundamentally changed the way we think about and manage internal communications.”

Carleagh Larson, Michael Best (Law Services)

Intranet thought leadership for professional services

intranet trends for 2019

Say Goodbye to Bad Tech

Say Goodbye to Bad Tech There’s a lot of movements in the tech industry taking hold — #MeToo, encouraging employment instead of contracting, discussing privacy and national security, wrestling with…
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elevatepoint provides a host of intranet services

Using Discussion Forums

Using Discussion Forums – Guidelines and Ideas Whether you’re embedding discussion forums into your intranet or using a standalone forum, you may be worried. You’re not alone. Many organizations are…
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