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Create more efficiency and save long-term costs with an intranet that engages and informs

Government and nonprofit intranets

Your intranet is antiquated, unable to handle modern needs — messaging specific employees, usable on any device, meaningful search, and more.

ElevatePoint intranets are modern. They’re personalized to know who people are, what they need, and where they work. Storing policies and procedures is easy. Searching is quick, with meaningful results. They even work on a mobile device and allow for real-time collaboration.

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News that engages and informs

intranet news

Things are changing fast and you need your employees to keep up. Plus, you want to engage them. Good news — our intranet news does both.

Plan, publish, manage, and measure your news. Target groups. Know which employees are reading and interacting, too.

Intranet partner that works with nonprofits and government agencies

We’ve worked with nonprofits and government agencies, understanding what makes your organizations unique. Let us bring our expertise — from technical savvy to change management to content development help — to you.

“[Because of ElevatePoint, we’re] increasing engagement and [intranet] views, while reducing the time, money, and effort required to keep everyone up to date.”

Caleagh Larson, Michael Best

Intranet best practices and ideas for nonprofits and government agencies

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5 Ways to Improve Intranet Content

Intranet content is why employees go to the intranet. They want the right information at the right time, acting quickly and easily to perform tasks. ElevatePoint has ideas and service to help organizations with their content.

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reduce waste with a health care intranet

Health Care Intranets: Reduce Waste

Health Care Intranets: Reduce Waste Health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities have a lot to be worried about when it comes to ensuring good patient outcomes. The…
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