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Get your intranet into the 21st century

Intranet excellence keeps your staff engaged

Administrative staff, faculty, tenured professors, teacher assistants and student volunteers can be better informed. Your higher learning establishment is known for its excellence, but your intranet isn’t keeping up. Use a SharePoint intranet that leverages Microsoft technology to deliver personalized communications, faster searches, and better navigation. It’s a great user experience.

Good academic news for your intranet

Academic awards. Acclaimed publications. Additional grants available. Alumni who achieve great things. Innovations produced by your students.
Your intranet should enable your staff to understand what’s happening and why it matters. Plan, publish, manage and measure your intranet news with ElevatePoint News.

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Intranet services from life-long learners

Our services include automating processes, to reduce costs, as well as optimizing your current intranet to determining strategy and writing content.

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We value health and wellness and education. If you’re from a foundation
asking for donations, contact us to consider your organization in our giving.