HR Heroes Need an AI-Driven Chatbot

chatbots driven by ai are hr heroes
HR employees are the heroes for their organization. But they need a hero to help with strategic initiatives and priorities. Our AI-driven intranet chatbot does just that.

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If you’re in Human Resources (HR), do these questions may seem familiar?

  • What’s the number I call for questions about my medical benefits?
  • How do I find my network of doctors?
  • How much is covered for an emergency room visit?
  • Can I go to an urgent care under our plan? Which one?
  • How much is my medical plan’s deductible?
  • Is an emergency crown covered with our dental insurance?
  • How do I sign up for our Employee Stock Purchase Plan?
  • Do we have any wellness programs?
  • What number do I call for our employee assistance program?
  • I’m going out on maternity leave, what should I do?
  • I’m considering retiring, what should I do?

HR is focusing too much on administrative tasks

hr intranet ideasHR employees spend a great deal of time answering routine questions. In fact, Cornerstone indicates that HR employees are spending 80% of their time on administrative tasks, including answering questions.

Although HR employees want to help their colleagues, they want to be more strategic, passing off routine tasks. It turns out, organizations need HR professionals to ask strategically.

Yet despite this, some companies staff their employees on the HR hotline, enabling workers to call any time of day or night. Someone from the HR department is “on call” – rotating to be in charge of handling employee questions – occasionally enlisting others to get the right answers.

HR hotlines are spendy

Some companies enlist an outside resource to handle the HR hotline as a vendor. Costs can be anywhere from $17,000 to more than one million as sometimes these costs are based on employees or call volume.

It’s important to help employees, especially when they need it, but it sucks up HR employees’ time for mundane tasks. In other words, it’s reducing HR professionals productivity. Paying vendors may be costly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can handle this and more, saving time, money, and productivity.

AI-driven chatbots answer HR questions

Imagine a world where AI could answer any question from above at any time without needing HR employees’ time or paying an outside vendor?

It’s not a pipedream, it’s reality. That’s the magic of AI – freeing up employees to do other things than answering routine questions, including getting employees emergency information (anytime, anywhere) – without paying an outside vendor. Employees can ask a question of a chatbot – a computer program designed to answer questions. The chatbot, then returns an answer with a link to get more information. The information is easily accessible from a mobile device, laptop, or even desktop.

Freeing, isn’t it?

ElevatePoint is one of the few companies providing chatbots and integration with our intranet, Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Team Sites.

ElevatePoint is introducing HR’s hero: Hero

intranet trendsOur chatbot is named Hero and it’s smart enough to get information and be trained on how to provide better information.

For users, it’s super simple. From a mobile device, employees get to their intranet, ask questions, and get needed answers. But they can also receive those questions and answers from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites.

Roadmap for Hero’s future

It’s not just HR information, but Help Desk queries and other key routine information needed that can provide at the touch of a keyboard.

Another possibility is sentiment analysis. Worried about which employee engagement survey to distribute? Why not gauge employee engagement through AI. A chatbot that has your brand is possible. It’s even possible to get real-time safety training or information to people as they’re about to perform a task or use special equipment. It can even be proactive, recommending ideas and information to people as they work, such as helping to train new hires and ensuring people understand how to take maternity or paternity leave or retire successfully.

AI not only frees up workers from doing mundane tasks, but it may also help improve engagement, productivity, communication, safety, and more.Until October 1, our chatbot (Hero) and integration are included in the price of our intranet platform. Want to see for yourself? Contact us.

The future is exciting

elevatepoint announces a chatbot driven by AIThe future of AI is thrilling. AI can accomplish so much to help workers focus on what matters instead of routine tasks. It can save time, making workers more productive. It can also save money.

ElevatePoint is excited to be among the first to provide a real foray into AI that will benefit organizations around the world.

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