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Employee engagement leads to organizational success, improved safety, and more

Engage employees

Bring your company’s culture to life through your digital tools, such as your intranet, aligning employee efforts and company goals. Your workforce will be engaged … as well as empowered and productive.

Intranet products and services to improve employee engagement


Discover how intranets enable communication and collaboration. ElevatePoint’s intranets even have a way to share kudos with colleagues.

Intranet news

See news that provides transparent information quickly and easily. It’s all about informing and engaging employees.

Intranet services

Our team of technology experts, OD gurus, and communications ninjas can help your intranet as you reduce turnover and increase employee engagement.

Employee engagement matters

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%*

Dale Carnegie Training

Increase employee engagement

We have ideas on how to quickly improve engagement as well as holistic ways to improve employee engagement.

Employee engagement ideas

intranet scalability

Intranet Costs and ROI

Intranet Costs and ROI When it comes to communication systems — emails, intranets, posters, phone calls, video or web conferencing meetings, face-to-face meetings, social media, and more — there are…
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