What Does an Employee Engagement Firm Do for Engagement

elevatepoint believes in employee engagement
See what ElevatePoint does to encourage employee engagement.

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We believe technology should improve people’s lives. We strive to connect with our clients and community to make businesses stronger, jobs more rewarding and communities closer. – Rob Colwill, CEO at ElevatePoint

When ElevatePoint started over 7 years ago we had a vision of creating a modern workplace where people could connect like never before.  Now a growing company, it’s exciting to see the vision and passion we had from the start weave its way into each of our employees lives, and our company culture as a whole.  We want our employees to be excited about their day and feel connected to each other and our company vision.  It’s more than a paycheck.  It’s more than a Holiday Party.  Employee Engagement isn’t always found in traditional methods of the past.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted it to be different.  We wanted to give back to the community, hear laughter in the halls, and attract the kind of employee who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  How do we do this?  What makes employees want to show up to work and like the people they work with?

We break our employee engagement strategy into three categories: Activities and Events, Charitable Giving, and Internal Communications.


Within this strategy we structure our engagement focus on three separate areas: Employee, Family and Community.  We make sure when planning activities and events over the year that we have all three aspects represented.   ElevatePoint is passionate about supporting the local community, and you will always see this woven into our events – we like to party with a purpose!  We are actively building this aspect of our community involvement with the goal of doing at least four hands-on service projects each year. We do have a Holiday Party and Summer Picnic, and have done our fair share of bowling and happy hours, but we also have ideas for events outside the traditional box that we all look forward to:

Charitable Giving

In addition to activities and events we have our annual charitable giving efforts. In a Company Culture and Employee Engagement Questionnaire this year one employee commented that our “commitment to support community organizations” is important to them as an employee.  Corporate Conscience or Corporate Social Responsibility might be a new topic in the news, but it’s something ElevatePoint has been passionate about long before it became a trend.  Since day one, a foundational operating principal of the Company has been a commitment to ensuring that a part of the core culture of the business is to make a positive impact on the lives of others through supporting charitable organizations within our local community and around the World.  This is done in multiple ways: we have partner organizations that we support each and every year, we have opportunities for employees to select additional organizations for annual giving, and we plan outings throughout the year for staff to be hands-on in giving back in our community.  Even though these opportunities to give back are something our leaders had a vision for from the beginning, they have the added benefits of giving the employees a sense of empowerment by allowing them to vote on who we contribute to, provide an opportunity for social interaction, and allow us to support organizations that our employees care about.  Organizations we have supported in the past include; Alzheimer’s Association, Brent’s Place, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude’s Hospital, Denver Street School, Compassion International, and Wounded Warrior Project  .

“When I am the candidate in an interview, one question I have always asked my potential employer is, “How does your company give back to your community?”  I believe it tells a lot about the culture of a company by what their response is.  I am very interested in how they use, and encourage their employees to use, their resources of time and money.  When meeting with the leaders of ElevatePoint, their response to my question ultimately was one of the key reasons I chose to accept their offer of employment over several others that were in front of me at the time.  I believe one way to ensure successful employee engagement is the alignment of employee and company values.  Having a company whose core values are outwardly focused and truly about helping others is a key value for me as an employee and for ElevatePoint as a company.” – Rachel Sprague, employee of ElevatePoint

Internal Communications

Internal Communications is something we talk about day in and out with our clients, so it’s only natural that it’s something we care deeply about internally as well.  It can be a complex process to understand what your employees need and how they want to see it.  ElevatePoint accomplishes meaningful communication with our employees by using several diverse methods:

  • Appreciation/Acknowledgement email for each employee on their birthday
  • Appreciation/Acknowledgement email for each employee on their work anniversary
  • Centralized Communication Board in the office where employees can also see these milestone dates for employees each month as well as other important dates related to activities/events/meetings for the month
  • Monthly staff lunch meetings – first part of the meeting is highlighting celebrations, and the remainder of the meeting focuses on helping to keep the entire team plugged into our strategic vision and goals, and how each of us is helping the company to realize it.
  • Using ElevatePoint News – An example is through a Weekly Friday Update communicating important information related to areas of Human Resources, Finance, Facilities and “Just for Fun” items (community events, articles, fun facts)

Employee Engagement Only Works When You Have a Plan

It boils down to this: you need a plan to engage employees and keep them engaged.  Here at ElevatePoint we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!  We care about Employee Engagement at our own company, and are intentional about implementing it.   When you are intentional both about implementing your plan and about gathering feedback, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s working and what’s not.

Talk with one of us about how our products and services can support your communications efforts, employee engagement strategies, and transform your business into a modern workplace.  When you make your employees feel like heroes, the entire company wins.  Ask us how today.

Post by Rachel Sprague and Kristine Colwill

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