ElevatePoint Is Making Employee Engagement News

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We're making news in employee engagement and we're so happy to help others in a core principle we embrace. Thanks to Feedspot for selecting us.

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Feedspot employee engagement awardElevatePoint is making news! We’re excited that Feedspot picked 40 of the top employee engagement blogs in the world, including ours. Employee engagement is important to us here; it truly impacts communication, productivity and general happiness. (Hey, we spend 40+ hours at work, it should be meaningful, interesting and fun.) It’s why we’ve developed so much content – from eBooks to infographics to videos to blog posts. We all personally believe that employee engagement is the keystone to a successful organization. What we sell – intranets, intranet news and intranet services – are mechanisms that enable employee engagement. After all, ensuring better communications is part of how you increase employee engagement.

We’re also thrilled to be listed with some of our favorites, including HR Bartender and Culture IQ.

Top 10 resources for employee engagement for 2017

employee engagementIn honor of being chosen for Feedspot’s top 40 blog, here are our top ten favorite 2017 employee engagement related articles, videos, infographics, quizzes and eBooks:

  1. Video: How to increase employee engagement in your team
  2. Infographic: What does an engaged employee look like
  3. Quiz: Are you an engaged employee?
  4. Quiz: Are you an engaged leader?
  5. Blog: 4 ways to engage remote workers
  6. Blog: Say thanks to employees
  7. Blog: 5 easy employee engagement ideas
  8. Blog: 4 traits of a modern workplace (people)
  9. Infographic: 5 statistics on the ROI of employee engagement
  10. Blog and infographic: 6 ways to increase employee engagement

Yes, there are easy ways to improve employee engagement, but systematic change is what really helps an organization turn the corner. Use ElevatePoint’s free eBook to increase and improve employee engagement at your organization.

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