ElevatePoint Gives Ideas a Boost with the Ideation Center on ElevatePoint Intranet Platform

ideas for intranets and ideation
ElevatePoint is proud to announce a new feature on our intranet platform -- the Ideation Center. Employees can submit and vote on good ideas for organizations to use.

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ElevatePoint, a company that creates SharePoint intranets especially for communicators, is excited to announce a new feature that’s now included in ElevatePoint Intranet Platform – the Ideation Center. The Ideation Center enables workers to submit good ideas, like them and comment on them from one central location or across the intranet. It’s a fully dynamic, interactive online suggestion box that works on any device.

innovation comes alive with your intranetThe Ideation Center is setting ElevatePoint apart, uniquely providing a digital space to innovate from any device, anywhere where employees want to be productive. It’s already in use, too. One customer is currently using it to exchange ideas to save money.

“Good ideas are never in short supply at companies,” said Rob Colwill, ElevatePoint CEO and co-founder. “Those employee-driven ideas help save money, save time, increase revenue, make the workplace better and more. Judging from my experience, including at ElevatePoint, employees desperately want to share those ideas when they have them. They only need a place to do it. With Ideation Center, employees have that space, engaging employees and enabling companies to unleash productivity and innovation.”

Ideas to improve organizations

Leaders want to solicit ideas – tapping into employees’ notions on how they can better compete or meet organizational goals. The Ideation Center provides that space.

Rob said, “There’s so much potential. For construction and manufacturing, leaders could get ideas to make the workplace safer. For healthcare, leaders could ask for ideas on providing better patient care at lower costs. For government agencies, they could request ideas that cut costs or make things more efficient. Maybe organizations want employees to share engagement ideas or vote on their favorite community involvement project. The sky’s the limit.”

Engaging employees on-the-go

Every day, employees are working together to get things done. For larger organizations, with a more dispersed workforce, it can be a challenge to share ideas; they typically don’t have good access to colleagues around the company. That could reduce engagement, which impacts customer service, quality, safety and productivity.

With an intranet that’s mobile, everyone can access it, anytime they want. That means ideas can be shared wherever they are, too.

Ideation, sharing and collaborating on work is fundamental to the digital workplace
With the ElevatePoint Intranet Platform and the Ideation Center, employees can go online and add an idea to be vetted by project teams, departments, supervisors, executives, colleagues, etc. Employees don’t have to jump to another experience; it’s located inside one tool – the intranet. It’s engaging for remote workers as well as those who work at their desks.

Bryan Schoening, Chief Product Officer and co-founder said, “We want people to be able to share and collaborate where they are, the way they want to. Being old Microsoft guys, we enjoy seeing innovation come to life. It’s why we wanted to tackle this – to help companies simply, easily share ideas – no matter where they are – and pick the best ones. After all, our passion is communication, collaboration and engagement. ElevatePoint Intranet Platform’s Ideation Center enables ElevatePoint to deliver on these core ideas for organizations around the world.”

Rob added, “In the process, companies will get great ideas to save money, earn more revenue, and serve more customers. That makes everyone at ElevatePoint happy.”The Ideation Center is just one of the many features in our intranet platform that improves productivity, communication, strategy and engagement.

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