ElevatePoint Announces Artificial Intelligence-Driven Intranet Chatbot with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites Integrations

elevatepoint announces a chatbot driven by AI

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Smarter communications begin with a mobile intranet that connects to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites, providing answers across channels. This trainable AI-driven chatbot saves time and money for organizations worldwide.

Denver, CO, August 07, 2018 — ElevatePoint – a company that creates mobile SharePoint intranets focused on improving communication, productivity, and employee engagement – is introducing its foray into artificial intelligence (AI) with a chatbot that’s available on the ElevatePoint Intranet Platform. This chatbot, named Hero, integrates with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites for smarter communications – saving time and money while increasing productivity and employee engagement.

Utilizing the flexibility of the Microsoft Azure platform along with Microsoft Graph, ElevatePoint draws from an array of cognitive services to differentiate their core capabilities. Natural Language Processing tools such as LUIS models (machine learned), and the Text Analytics API, will unlock new capabilities for ElevatePoint customers.

Rob Colwill, ElevatePoint CEO said, “ElevatePoint is building on Microsoft’s Office 365, Azure, Bot, and Cognitive Services platforms and evolving our offerings alongside theirs. We are continually building the next generation of the digital workplace.”

It’s about making communications smarter – providing information wherever employees are – to enhance the employee experience.

Bryan Schoening, ElevatePoint Chief Product Officer and co-founder, agreed, “Chatbots help organizations automate common tasks – such as serving up the latest news, answering Help Desk questions or providing real-time benefits answers that are housed within the intranet. Providing this rich integration from the intranet to Teams-based collaboration spaces is a tremendous value proposition for all organizations, as it enables a natural extension of reach for curated organizational content and key communications.”


Chatbot using AI to save time and money

Technologists are deciding what applications and infrastructure they need to compete now and in the future. That’s why according to Gartner, nearly half of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are planning to deploy AI to improve productivity.

Chatbots can use AI to provide instant and relevant information. It’s a low-cost entry into AI, but it has a huge potential. Instead of an employee answering the same question multiple times, a chatbot can provide that routine information. For Human Resource employees, they’re able to save money on an HR hotline while getting colleagues faster answers. HR employees can also shift from administrative tasks to being more strategic. For IT, Help Desk employees can focus on other organizational priorities instead of answering routine questions.

Bryan noted, “Cost savings, better strategic alignment, and increasing communication and engagement are why IT teams are clamoring for chatbots. Intranets are often critical repositories of organizational information that the bot can use to answer questions and aid and engage employees.”

Rob added AI goes beyond chatbots. He said, “So much time, energy and talent are wasted on repetitive tasks and overwhelming information. We use AI to contextualize information, communications and resources across the digital workplace. Organizations can reduce costs, but also allow their resources to apply their best talents and focus on progressing the core vision and mission.”


Beyond intranets – improving communication

In the age of chat-based team apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack, more companies are hoping to enable fluid, adaptive collaboration tools while improving overall communications. With Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites, organizations have that opportunity. But one of the biggest issues is integration. Most intranet resources aren’t available inside of Microsoft Teams, which can hinder communication. ElevatePoint solves that challenge.

Rob said, “That’s where we’re really making internal communicators happy. They don’t need to worry about which communication vehicle to use. Hero is available in more than one location, including any a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.”

Bryan added, “This integration is revolutionary. Hero, our chatbot, is available where employees are.”


Roadmap for smarter communications that do more

ElevatePoint has a robust roadmap for Hero. Currently, it provides news in multiple channels and answers common questions with resources from the intranet, integrating with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites from just about any device.

The ElevatePoint team is working on adding more types of common intranet queries to transform Hero into a more comprehensive intranet personal assistant– using AI and its personalization engine – to give people relevant, just-in-time information. In addition, the chatbot can be branded for organizations, so it takes on the personality of a brand.

The team is already demonstrating these key features.

Rob said, “So far, we’re getting a lot of positive response and interest. We’re thrilled about the future of AI for communication, productivity, employee engagement, quality, customer service, safety and security.”


Chatbots and integration

To use the chatbot and have integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Team Sites, you’ll need ElevatePoint Intranet Platform. Until October 1, it’s bundled with the intranet. To find out more, get a demo.


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