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cybersecurity ideas including for intranets

3 Things to Do About Cyber Security

You don’t need to read far to see what’s happening in cybersecurity or the issues IT professionals, including CTOs, have to face. It’s why we’re seeing an increase in security budgets.

intranets help disaster planning, preparedness, and recovery

4 Ideas for Disaster Preparedness

The most important thing HR, IT and Communications departments can do is prepare for disasters to save lives and the organization. Read four ideas that can help.

cascading communications by engaging managers

5 Breakthrough Manager Communication Ideas

Engaging managers before expecting them to cascade (or waterfall) information is vital to communications. ElevatePoint has more ideas on breaking through the manager barrier.

mobile phone seeing an intranet with a chatbot driven by AI

Mobile Intranets to Unleash Your Workforce

We’re already in the second decade of the 21st century. It’s time your workforce got the opportunity to work anytime, anywhere. Mobile intranets. It’s all about productivity.

young woman using an intranet

5 Can’t Fail Intranet Ideas

When it comes to intranets, sometimes people need ideas on how improve them. No problem — at ElevatePoint, we have five can’t fail suggestions.

modern workplace traits
Brand & Culture

4 Traits of a Modern Workplace

It’s not bean bag chairs and open offices that make a modern workplace. Instead, it’s these 4 traits.

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