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Employee Engagement

Company Intranet Ideas – Say Thanks

Saying thanks takes so little effort. Saying thanks on your intranet can take just as little effort and it institutionalizes appreciation and caring at your workplace. ElevatePoint has company intranet ideas that are easy to do and improve engagement.

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Employee Engagement

5 Easy Employee Engagement Ideas

Strange, but true – wage growth and economic stimuli have something in common: employee engagement. Find out some quick and easy ways to increase engagement today and download a free guide for a more holistic and systematic approach.

we love ochsner health system
Customer Stories

We Love Ochsner Health System

Ochsner Health System has more than 19,000 employees across Louisiana using an ElevatePoint intranet.

intranet issues and intranet horrors

Spine-tingling Tales of Intranet Terror

Lost productivity, disengaged employees, silos, miscommunication and missed organizational goals. These fiendish foes have terrible intranets in common. The horror! Read this wicked tale and beware.

content strategy for intranets

User-Generated Intranet Content Strategy

Your intranet content strategy is missing one important ingredient: employees. Get employees involved to improve communications and feed your content strategy.

a myth about intranets

6 Intranet Platform Myths Dispelled

It’s more important these days than ever to decipher fact versus fiction. That’s why ElevatePoint wanted to dispel the myths that surround intranet platforms. And they’re as varied as the myths of Zeus, Osiris, Apollo, Odin, Loki, and many other legends from mythology.

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