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chatbots driven by ai are hr heroes
AI & chatbots

HR Heroes Need an AI-Driven Chatbot

HR employees are the heroes for their organization. But they need a hero to help with strategic initiatives and priorities. Our AI-driven intranet chatbot does just that.

manufacturing should go mobile

Why Manufacturing Should Go Mobile

Smartphones have been around for many years. They’ve proven useful — as the data proves out. But the manufacturing industry has been slow to adopt.

mobile phones used to see intranet chatbots driven by AI
AI & chatbots

Intranets Meet AI

Wondering how your intranet can meet smart communication challenges of the future using artificial intelligence? Start with ElevatePoint.

leadership takes courage
Brand & Culture

Leadership Takes Courage

Bravery is needed when you’re a leader. See examples of recent and historical figures and how leadership takes courage.

communications planning

Employee Meetings – Plan and Prepare

Employee meetings may be painful to plan, but they’re one of the most successful ways to communicate company direction, goals, iniatives and strategy.

communications, brand, and values
Brand & Culture

Brand, Values and Employees

Brand and values. They enable you to change company culture, working together to set your organization apart. But in order to get employees to live the brand and values, they need to understand and buy in.

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