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3 Intranet Launch Ideas

Launching an intranet takes time, planning, and buy-in. ElevatePoint has ideas based on what we’ve seen work.

hr intranet ideas

5 HR Intranet Ideas

HR is either responsible for your intranet or a major stakeholder of your intranet. That’s why we have 5 top HR intranet ideas.

intranets can improve information overload

7 Communication Ideas to Stop Information Overload

Information overload is a real thing that’s happening, and it’s exhausting us and employees. ElevatePoint has ideas to end information overload by taking control of communication.

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Intranets Need Security

These days, security is getting more budget and for good reason. Cybercrime is up and the cost to organizations is a huge risk. That’s why ElevatePoint recommends communications professionals invite security to business requirements gathering and demos.

intranets increase engagement

20+ Communication Statistics to Use for Budget

Use these communication statistics to help you expand your team, get additional vehicles (like an intranet), justify your existence, and more. At ElevatePoint, we know the value of good communication to organizations.

intranets used at organizations

8 Ways to Fix Communications at Your Organization

In the immortal words of Led Zeppelin, “Communication breakdown, it’s always the same ….” It can also cause big issues across your company. Get a few tricks on how to resolve that conflict and encourage healthy discussion again.

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