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microsoft teams - a way to share and collaborate without using slack

Microsoft Teams – Right for My Team?

Microsoft Teams is about to integrate with Skype, and more organizations are moving to use this collaboration tool. See if it’s right for your organization.

microsoft delve can automate your intranet

Delve Into Your Intranet

Casey Rhodes is a SharePoint systems analyst at Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance — training, managing projects, and more. With his vast experience with content management systems, he has an idea about how to improve your SharePoint intranet.

computer with an intranet

SharePoint Intranets and 7 Reasons Why You Need One

A SharePoint intranet can have all the advantages of SharePoint — better security and information management — with all the benefits of an intranet — improved user experience on a mobile device.

intranet trends for intranet platforms

Intranet Trends

Get five intranet trends are what you should expect when looking at new intranets. Read on to see what ElevatePoint thinks and how they can benefits for your organization.

microsoft is leading technology

Why Microsoft Is Leading Technology

Microsoft has tripled its stock since 2014. But they’ve done more than just help stockholders, employees have acted with integrity and maturity that Silicon Valley would do well to emulate.

intranet home page ideas

Intranet Home Page Ideas

Don’t let your intranet home page become a battleground between warring departments. Instead, embrace sanity and use these ideas to develop a home page that’s just right for your organization.

employee engagement quotes
Employee Engagement

10 Employee Engagement Quotes

ElevatePoint believes in employee engagement. So do most company’s leaders, but barely 25% have an employee engagement strategy. Get inspired to tackle employee engagement at your organization.

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