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healthcare intranet

7 Healthcare Intranet Best Practices

With more than 60,000 healthcare workers using our intranets, intranet news, and intranet services, we’ve learned a few best practices to pass on.

intranet design matters - improve intranet design
Digital Workplace

3 Things to Improve Intranet Design

What’s included in intranet design goes beyond brand. Discover easy ways to improve your intranet design.

sharepoint intranet
Digital Workplace

A SharePoint Intranet’s Social Side

Employee engagement, productivity, quality, customer service and more count on employees being able to collaborate, communicate, and interact. Learn which tools SharePoint intranets can rely on.

internal communication metrics

Internal Communication Metrics

In internal communications, employee engagement is important, but it’s all about desired outcome. Make sure you’re also measuring what matters to your organization. By doing these things, you’ll prove ROI.

leadership quotes
Brand & Culture

15 Leadership Quotes

Leadership quotes to inspire you and your workforce to become better leaders.

internal communications - crisis communications

Crisis Communication – a 3-Step Process

Don’t let your leaders adopt a Mad Libs approach to dealing with a crisis. Roll up your sleeves and embrace candor. Kira Higgs, Straight Talk Strategy, provides a 3-step process.

microsoft flow

Boost Your Intranet With Microsoft Flow

Your digital workplace is complicated. Make it simpler with a SharePoint intranet that uses Microsoft Flow to increase automation. Get ideas and suggestions.

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