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Nationwide Law Firm Uses ElevatePoint News to Centralize Communication & Drive Intranet Adoption

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Employee Engagement

What Does an Engaged Employee Look Like?

Are you an engaged employee?  Or are the employees you have hired and lead engaged?  Are you, as a leader, engaged in your organization?  From any angle, you can tell the difference between someone who is engaged, and someone who is “checked out” when you look through this list of what makes up an engaged employee.  BONUS:  Take the quiz at the end of this blog post to see how you rank today.

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Employee Engagement

5 Statistics on the ROI of Employee Engagement

Measuring the ROI of Employee Engagement is a key challenge for today’s communicators. These statistics provide proof that measurement & improvement ARE worth the effort.

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Intranet Adoption: 5 Tenets of Driving Employee Engagement

“If you build it, they will come.” For Kevin Costner, this might be true. The same cannot be said when it comes to engaging employees on your intranet. In the mind of your average employee, the word “intranet” is more likely to incite fear than excitement. Historically, the perception of an intranet is synonymous with an information dump. If you don’t know where to find something, it’s probably hidden in the intranet catacombs.

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