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3 Ways to Improve Patient Care

Improving patient care and safety is what every hospital and health system strives for. See some ideas to improve patient care at your facility.

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5 Things Executives Want From Your Intranet

Executives want more from your Internal Communications department than ghostwriting; they want a fully functional intranet that makes employees more productive so they can achieve organizational goals.

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Employee Engagement

6 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged is one a tough job, but necessary to reduce employee turnover. ElevatePoint has 6 ways to help HR and Internal Comms teams engage employees without adding salary.

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Active Listening

One of the greatest tools communicators and leaders have is the ability to listen to peers and employees.

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Brand & Culture

5 Ways HR Can Improve Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews, often led by HR, are intended to improve performance and help identify pay increases. That’s why we think it’s time to go back to the drawing board on them.

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How to Avoid “Alt Facts”

Fake news. Alternate facts. Let’s face it, communicators can be accused of being “spin doctors.” It’s time to be as transparent as possible and even transparent about when you can’t provide information (and why).

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Promoting IT: Why and How

Your organization may not know the good work IT is doing and how that helps the organization, but by promoting IT you can change that perception.

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